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Intuitive Psychic for Skeptics & Smart People

Renowned as much for her signature wit and insight, as for her gentle, helpful and jawdroppingly accurate intuitive readings, Peri Lyons is the "psychic" for people who think "psychic" is a dirty word...Intellectual, erudite, and accurate to a fault, Peri Lyons offers laser sharp accuracy about the exact circumstances of where you are, where you've been, and where you might be headed.

“I am here to support your empowerment. I encourage you to embrace the possibility that your future is yours to shape and that I act as a guide, pointing out potential course corrections that will enable you to transform possibly injurious future circumstances into success and safety. Every moment, every encounter in our lives is for our growth and advancement. My purpose is to reflect and facilitate your greatness, your happiness, and your higher self.” - Peri Lyons

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Intuitive Psychic for Skeptics & Smart People

Peri Lyons is a New York City-based intuitive, performer, author and founder of Peri Lyons Brilliance Consulting. Hailed as "therapeutic, loving and often hilarious" by DailyCandy, Lyons is the only intuitive (the word she prefers to psychic) to be written about in the New Yorker magazine (April 16, 2012) in over a decade. She has also been lauded in Art Info, The Huffington Post and Front Row Magazine. Lyons' rising profile in NYC social and literary scenes resulted in her being the first director of the now legendary "Moth" storytelling series, founded by George Dawes Green, as well as a performer therein, and has also performed in Green's artistic one minute video storytelling venture "The Sudden Moth".
Peri leads empowerment workshops, Shaman Circles, and private reading sessions.  Utilizing her abilities for clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience, as well as Tarot, Peri will tune in and provide guided meditations where needed, all in order to provide deeply personal and accurate assistance during each session.

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To Book a Session please text 917-568-5368 or email
Payment: PayPal or Venmo: Peri Lyons


Private In-Person Session With Peri

Private In-Person 1 Hour Session of clairvoyance, Tarot, clairsentience and channeled counsel


$240   (Normally $425)


***ADD ON: Akashic Records $75

***ADD ON: Anti-Aging DNA Theta $75

Yellow Flowers and Laptop

Skype/FaceTime/Phone Session

1 Hour Session via Skype, FaceTime, Phone; clairvoyance, Tarot, clairsentience and channeled counsel.


$240  (Normally $425)


***ADD ON: Akashic Records $75

***ADD ON: Anti-Aging DNA Theta $75


Boutique Monthly Package

-Four (4) 90 Minute In Person Sessions

-Five (5) 55 Minute Skype/Phone Sessions

-Four (4) 15 Minute Top Ups

-Fifteen (15) Texts

-File of Personalized Exercises from Meditation

-Customized Monthly Channeled Artwork



Bespoke Ultra Reading

Peri Lyons’ extraordinary and evidentially documented abilities; tailored to your specific needs.  Expert combination of  telepathy, clairsentience, tarot, astrology, Akashic Record reading, channeled guidance, guided meditation and mediumship

90 Minutes $1000

Skyscrapers Above Times Square at Dawn

Business Intuition Session

-Using a combination of psychic ability, tarot, astrology, clairvoyance, channeled counsel, Peri will channel what clients call “genius” ideas, for either your current business or help you find your niche.  

Testimonials and prices on request.

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Crystal Ball

By Lizzie Widdicombe


XO Jane: It Happened to Me

By Mandy


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The Daily Front Row: Celebrity Psychic Peri Lyons

By Paige Reddinger​


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Time Out New York

By Jennifer Picht


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"Peri Lyons is a stunningly accurate psychic reader and intuitive healer.  Her warm and calm demeanor makes me feel cared for as she strikes all kinds of chords, names names, and offers advice that proves itself very quickly. I'm not surprised her clientele is peppered with celebrities.  Plus, she's got a great sense of humor.  Her specialty is identifying and removing blocks to move forward in your career and personal life - often mirroring each other anyway.  And she might also share news from deceased loved ones you haven't heard from in a while, if it's appropriate.She reads in a welcoming, professional space where clients are taken seriously.   She came highly recommended and her work is impressive.  Peri Lyons is well worth the money."

Gabrielle P.

Peri Lyons is authentic, funny, and fiercely intelligent.
I've had many psychic readings before and Peri is by far the most on point and specific of anyone I have ever seen.  She immediately validated our session by telling me things that I would only know about my health and
my family.  She continued to validate both the strong and subtle feelings I have had about my family and my true path in this life.  She also delivers messages with the words and depth of a poet but the casual rawness of your best friend. It was a truly special experience, like meeting an old friend for the first time.
I left our meeting feeling elated, giddy and most importantly clear and with purpose.
Thank you Peri for the good that you bring to such a chaotic world. Many bows.

Marissa D.

"Peri is so much more than a gifted psychic. Her intuition, charm, generosity, warmth and deep intelligence combine for truly meaningful readings! ENJOY!"

Suzy A.

The work of Peri Lyons as both a spiritual advisor and person are unparalleled to anybody I have been to before. It is an absolute delight getting to know Peri as she fuses exactly what you want to know with what you need to hear.  Peri gives away just enough to ease your mind without extracting the excitement that life has in store for you.  She is an absolute pleasure to be with, has a fabulous aura, and could probably double as a therapist.  After my experiences with her, I wouldn't seek anyone else.

Lauren C.

"My Soul is My Guide"


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